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Get Curriculum - You can download an overview of free VBS curriculum. If you like it, email us for the entire curriculum. We’ll email you files including content, stories, presentation materials, snack and recreation ideas...everything you need. Download the currently available curriculum overviews here.

Share Your Stuff - Submit your VBS curriculum to to share with others. You still hold all rights to the work...we simply make it available to other churches and VBS teams that may want to use it. Email us for more information about submitting your stuff!

Help Others or Get Help - Ask a question, be a resource. Help others save money by connecting and passing along decorations and such that you no longer need. The purpose of this site is to help VBS teams do the best job possible! Thanks for your help. Go to Forum.

Buy Stuff - Yes, the curriculum is free, and you can do a complete VBS with it. However, if you’d like to jazz things up, we have support items for sale through this site or affiliates. Stuff like daily giveaway items, t-shirts, and signage. These sales go to support the Free-VBS website. We also have ads to help cover our costs. Feel free to use the ad links to take you to other VBS-related sites.

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